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RE Wellness Health – Featured Client

Ruth-Ellen WiersmaI’m excited to tell you about my new client, Ruth-Ellen Wiersma. She is a health coach and the owner of RE Wellness Health, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan most of the year. She also works out of Tampa, Florida for about 4 months each year. She can work with clients in either location–or around the world, for that matter, thanks to the use of technology! She uses Skype, email, and phone calls to assist her non-local clients.

Ruth-Ellen had a previous website through the Integrative Health and Nutrition Institute, where she received her training, but it wasn’t meeting all of her needs and didn’t have the functionality that she wanted from her website. By moving her to a WordPress website, I was able to create a site that she can truly love. The redesign also gave us the opportunity to customize the look and feel of the site to reflect her personality, which a website should always do. Why? Great question! By allowing your visitors to see your personality, you are giving them the opportunity to get to know you–and people do business with people they KNOW, like, and trust!

In addition to the static content that Ruth-Ellen had on her previous website, I was able to suggest some more dynamic content ideas after learning about her business and goals for her business. She has enthusiastically embraced these dynamic suggestions and I’ve been really proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to learn and implement new technology and skills.

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All-Natural Pet Food Delights Pets & Their Owners

Pet Chef MIPet Chef – Michigan

Pet Chef Express is the cooperative under which my client, Jeff Schulze operates his business, Pet Chef of Michigan.  This is a very unique company and if you are concerned about the fillers and preservatives in your pet’s food, you’ll want to take a look at Jeff’s website.  Just a few things about Pet Chef foods and treats:

  • All Natural
  • Human-Grade Ingredients
  • NO Chemical Preservatives
  • NO Fillers
  • Low temp cooking process to preserve vitamins and minerals
  • Pre and Probiotics for healthy digestion, optimum nutrient absorption and immune function
  • Fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and a healthy source of fiber
  • Always fresh and made to order

Pet Chef NationalThe Pet Chef of Michigan website was intentionally designed to have a similar feel to the cooperative’s website, as you will see to the right.  When a visitor comes from the national site to the Michigan site, there is a smooth transition and the visitor feels secure that they are in the right location.  When there is a harsh transition in this type of situation, a visitor may not turn into a buyer simply because of an uneasy or unsafe feeling.  Continuity and consistency are important factors–especially when designing an e-commerce site.

We didn’t want to duplicate the national site completely for several reasons:

  • Copyright Laws
  • Each site should have its own unique personality
  • We were distracted by the grassy background, so we thought others might be also
  • Personal preference

One of the great things about building a custom website is that it can be anything you want–and nothing that you don’t want!  Jeff is very pleased with his website and has already received his first online order!  Way to go, Jeff!

I’ve never been a “computer person” so the thought of a website for my business was overwhelming.  I don’t have the desire to get online and try to run my website.  I like the fact that Kim will take care of changes when I need them and I can be “hands off,” leaving me the time to focus on my customers and my business.  I’m very happy with my website; it is just what I wanted–simple, easy to navigate, and similar in design to the parent company’s site.

Kim made the whole process of getting my website up and running very painless for me, for which I’m extremely thankful!  She was able to explain what she was doing with my site in terms that I could understand, without all the technical jargon.  I would highly recommend Kim Smith of Dramatic Design for any small business owner who is looking for a website!  If that’s you, pick up the phone and call her–you’ll be glad you did!

Jeff Schulze

Pet Chef of Michigan


Beauty is Only Skin Deep…Sometimes!

Denise Michaels Excellent AdventureDenise Michaels’ Excellent Adventure

Denise had a wonderful blog going–lots of great information, regular blog posts, images to enhance her posts…she was doing a LOT of things right!  She wasn’t happy with the look of her site, though.  It was boring and really didn’t depict the tone of being and “Excellent Adventure.”

She needed a beautiful skin (fresh WordPress theme) that would be as visually beautiful to her readers as her words were fun to read.  Denise knew what she wanted, but needed someone with the design skills to make it come alive.  Being a Marketing Coach, she had some great ideas and was able to communicate those ideas well.

She wanted to carry over some of the look from her other sites, Mentoring With Denise and Testosterone-Free Marketing (which is Denise’s best selling book), just to name a couple.  We were able to do this by carrying over several elements and yet, make it fresh and exciting.

I desperately needed help making my blog look custom and special. It also had to be easy and encourage visitors to stick around and share with others. I’m pretty good at using the Internet – but not so hot at bending it to my will.  I needed an expert and Kim was the perfect person to make my blog dreams come true.  She’s knowledgeable, patient, highly skilled and open to fresh ideas.  If you want a website that creates the look and feel of your business’ or organization’s brand – you can’t go wrong with Kim Smith of Dramatic Design.  Contact her today!

Denise Michaels

Author, Testosterone-Free Marketing


To take things up a notch, I also added some sharing buttons, following capabilities, and cleaned up the sidebar (the archives are now a drop-down menu and take up less room).  As with all good websites, I’m sure there will be tweaks and changes down the road, as a website is an ever-evolving, ever-growing thing.

It’s been great working with Denise!  I can highly recommend her book, Testosterone-Free Marketing and have come to appreciate her as a coach and as a friend.  Be sure to visit her blog for some great reading!

Buckeye V.A.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Fish of Buckeye V.A. on her new website design for her Virtual Assistant business.  Her previous design was very dark with a black background and a bright white contrast.  It wasn’t portraying the look and feel that she wanted for her business.

I suggested that we try to soften things up with Stephanie’s new custom WordPress Theme and make it pretty while keeping it very professional-looking.  The gray pinstripes of the background is a symbol of a suit (professional) with pink accents (pretty), throwing a few swirls in just for fun.  Stephanie was very pleased with the result.  She wrote:

It’s taken many website designs and designers, but finally, I have a website that I’m thrilled about! It’s so nice to start the new year off with a great looking website (it makes a world of difference as a business owner when you are thrilled about your web presence) 🙂

Stephanie Fish of Buckeye V.A.

EdenPURE Canada

EdenPURE Canada screenshotEdenPURECanada.ca was a unique site to create.  The owner wanted to portray the feeling of “warmth” in the design.  In order to achieve this look and feel, I consulted a color specialist who recommended an orange and purple combination.

  • orange gives the feeling of warmth, without being too hot
  • purple/blue is the compliment to orange
  • gold gives it a richness and brightness

The background design of the wavy lines helps to depict the heat radiating and filling the space, while the pattern in the header with the gold gives a soft and airy feel.

EdenPURE Canada.ca

However, after a short time, the site owner discovered that the majority of his visitors were male, so we darkened up the site a bit to try to pull out more of the colors in the heating unit, changing out the purple for black, thus, keeping the “warmth” feel to the site, but making it a bit more masculine.  We made some other adjustments and the site has done very well.  You will see the finished product to the left.

In fact, this client chose the optional statistics package with his hosting and loves to optimize his page according to what he finds.  The site continues to rank in the top three positions on www.google.ca, www.bing.com, and www.google.com, much of this due to the excellent SEO copywriting of Cindy Bidar.  Cindy is excellent at what she does! Here is a screen shot of one aspect of his statistics:


These are daily stats.  You can see that the EdenPURE.ca site rarely dips below triple digits (blue).  This client has also found that many of his returning visitors (orange) have become buyers, which is GREAT news!

I have to tell you that working with you has been a joy.

Being new to the internet “game” I was more than a little worried about how I was going to build and manage an effective website. You have put all the fear to rest with your creativity and professionalism.  Working with Dramatic Design has proven to be one of the best decisions I made.

Thank you!

Dave Carstens

Dadec Enterprises LLC


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